E-BOOK: Event Compliance Smart Planner

R850.00 (inc. VAT)

Everything you Need to Know About South African Event Rules, Regulations & Legislation Ebook by Janna Couto

Written by an event planner for event planners.

Pages: 100 pages

Occupational Health and Safety, security, liability and risk management at events. Manage event risk like a pro.

Don’t be scared…get prepared. With any event there is risk – from rowdy guests at cocktail parties or conferences to a life – threatening riot at a sports event. When something bad happens, fingers are pointed, lawsuits are filed, reputations are ruined, and the emotional and financial consequences can be devastating.

This comprehensive, practical and easy to read guide covers everything you need to know about event compliance. It contains the tools, templates and knowledge to ensure that your events are compliant with South African event legislation.



This ebook will ensure that you…

  • Understand South African event legislation.
  • Licensing & permissions.
  • Who & how to apply for permission at local council.
  • Understand your duty of care and negligence.
  • Insurance & public liability coverage.
  • Legal compliance.
  • The South African National Standards explained.
  • Occupational Health & Safety Legislation.
  • Organising safe working conditions.
  • Submission of events & notifications.
  • Legal obligations for companies, event organisers, vendors & venues.
  • Safety planning for events.
  • Disaster management planning.
  • How to complete a mandatory risk assessment.
  • Venue & site design.
  • Fire & medical management.
  • Fire safety legislation.
  • Incident reporting/emergency management.
  • Crowd strategies & management.
  • Transport & traffic management.
  • Compliance in regards to temporary structures & barriers.
  • Food & beverage compliance.
  • Facilities for disabled persons.
  • Medical & emergency care.


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