COACHING SESSION: Event Management Business Startup

R3,500.00 (inc. VAT)

5 hour private session for 1 person

Become an event-preneur and invest in your future today!


You know the pros and cons of working for someone else versus running the show yourself. The events industry is an exciting fast paced, growing industry which demands highly qualified event management companies & coordinators. If you have decided to take the leap to full time professional events person there are a few things you need to know to get started.

If your dream is to start, run & maintain your own event management company, then these coaching session is for you.

The coaching session is five hours, and is one on one. You can decide on the date and time of the session that you would like the coaching to be conducted on.




Getting Started

  • Self-Assessment
  • Determining Your Market
  • Market Research

Establishing Your Business Site

  • Location Considerations
  • Leasing Office or Studio Space
  • Home-Based Operation

Identify Business Resources and Equipment

Financial Planning and Management

  • Financing Your Venture
  • Your Business Plan
  • Financial Management

Pricing Your Services

  • Competitive Pricing
  • Hourly Fee and Daily Rates
  • Cost-Plus Pricing
  • Flat Fee
  • Managing and negotiating commissions
  • Costing your services

Working with Suppliers & Vendors

Client and Supplier Contracts: Protecting Your Business

  • Supplier Contracts
  • Client Contracts
  • Contract Finalization

Keeping Your Operations in Order

  • Maintaining Financial Records
  • Establish an efficient filing system
  • Keep track of finances
  • Keep invoicing on track
  • Establish regular billing, credit, and collection
  • Keep good tax records
  • Managing Your Time
  • Long-term agenda
  • Intermediate agenda
  • Immediate agenda

Marketing, Advertising, and Promotion

  • The Changing Face of Advertising
 How to Brand Your Event Planning Business
  • Developing your image
  • Developing your brand promise
  • Naming your new business
  • Designing your logo
  • Professional Design and Production Services

Making the Business Legal

  • Your Legal Structure
 Choosing Your Name — Legally
  • Insurance Requirements

Accounting, Record Keeping, and Taxes 

  • Accounting Software
  • Bookkeeping
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable

Developing Your Portfolio

  • he Event Planning Process

The RFP: Getting the Business 

  • Defining the Bidding Process
  • Competing for an RFP
  • The Basics of an RFP
  • Preparing Your Response
  • Developing Your Sample Event
  • Meeting the Budget
  • Looks Count: Presentation of Your Response
  • Presenting with Polish
  • Following Up

General considerations

  • Determining your market
  • Researching your competitors
  • Knowing exactly what is involved & understanding your new business arena
  • Industry knowledge
  • Business resources & equipment
  • Deciding on a name for your business & deciding in which direction to move
  • Picking your business type
  • Pricing your event management services
  • What type of events to specialise in?
  • Developing a business plan
  • How much money will you need?
  • Tax, SMEs, VAT, BEE & choosing an accountant
  • Accounting considerations for your business
  • What to consider when designing your new logo

At the end of this session you will be able to start implementing the steps required to start your business.


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