E-BOOK: The Art & Science of Event Management

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Everything you Need to Know About Events.
Written by an event planner for event planners.
Pages: 379

A step by step foundation to understanding, developing and implementing event management strategies. Plan events like a pro. This book will show you HOW!



What’s the Big Idea?

The Art and Science of Event Simplicity, takes the complexity and stress out of planning your events by teaching you the how, why, what, where and when of events. No more hair pulling, just simple thinking and strategies for any and every event.

This book will teach you everything you need to know to become a pro including:

  • Proving you with a useable, adaptable event approach that can be applied to your entire team.
  • Learn the steps to design, plan, implement and execute an event.
  • Understand event management strategies and how to apply them.
  • Discover how to manage administration in a time saving, simple manner.
  • Understanding scope management and how to manage the process.
  • How to identify measure and evaluate event objectives.
  • How to develop the event theme and concept.
  • Learn how to develop an event and a design strategy.
  • Design strategy: How to incorporate and manage catering, content, entertainment, the environment, invitations, and production into your overall design experience.
  • Managing operations: Attendee management, RSVP management includes formulating a RSVP schedule, managing RSVPS, housing management, infrastructure management, site management, speaker management and technical production management.
  • Food and beverage management includes selecting serving styles, catering considerations, determining consumption, service ratios, how to manage special meal requirements, managing banqueting personnel and operations, and tips and tricks to manage your food and beverage budget.
  • Closure: Lessons learnt, close out reports and performance evaluation.
  • How to develop the scope and research plan.
  • Time management planning.
  • Cost management planning.